How to Make Eyebrows Grow Thicker Fast

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You may have lost your eyebrows to an illness or have over-plucked your eyebrows and want to grow them back quickly. Or you may just want thicker eyebrows to make your eyes stand out as a fashion statement. There are several natural ways to grow eyebrow hair back quickly and thicker than before. You can get the items you need at most grocery stores. Use these techniques until you have the thick, lush eyebrows you desire. It normally takes six to eight weeks to regrow eyebrows, but with these methods, it will take about four weeks.

Growing Thicker Eyebrows Fast

Apply Vaseline to your eyebrows where you want them to grow in the morning and leave on for a couple of hours. Wipe excess jelly away with the Q-tips. Vaseline will make your eyebrows grow thick.

Apply more Vaseline in the afternoon as you did in the morning. Wipe off after a couple of hours.

Apply olive oil to your eyebrows at night after you comb your eyebrows. Make sure you apply it exactly where you want your eyebrows to grow. Olive oil will make them grow faster. Clean the olive oil off in the morning and start all over again.

Stop the treatments once you have the eyebrows you desire. If you have a medical condition that keeps hair from growing, you may want to add some vitamins to your diet to encourage hair growth. Vitamins A, B3, C and especially E can help boost growth.