How to Make Earmuffs

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Staying warm and looking fashionable at the same time can be done with homemade earmuffs. Create earmuffs for every color coat or sweater you own as well as for family members. Make whimsical muffs for children with their favorite characters or cheer for your sports team with team colors. Wire coat hangers are still used by dry cleaners and some cleaners will sell hangers for a small fee even if you don’t need their dry cleaning services.

Remove the top portion of the wire hanger with wire cutters. Straighten the hanger as best as possible--the hanger does not need to be perfectly straight.

Twist each end of the hanger to form a circle. This portion will cover your ears. Shape the hanger to fit over your head and make adjustments until the ears fit comfortably. Make the ear portion smaller or larger to accommodate your head size.

Use a cloth tape measure to measure the distance along the wire from the top of each ear circle. Cut the fabric two inches longer than the distance and two-inches wide. Fold the fabric in half length-wise with the right sides together. Machine stitch the length of the fabric using a ½-inch seam allowance. Leave the ends open and turn the band right side out. Use a long crochet hook or similar tool to insert the wire into the cloth tube and pull the fabric to expose the right side.

Lay the metal earpiece on the material and trace a circle ½ inch larger than the circle. Cut four circles from the fabric--two circles for each ear. Place two circles on top of each other, with the right sides facing together. Machine stitch a ½-inch seam allowance around the circles, leaving one inch open at the top of the circle to insert the wire and the headband. Use the opening to pull the right side of the fabric through the hole.

Insert the wire portion of the earpiece into the cloth circle. Start at the end of the wire and turn the cloth and wire until the entire metal wire is inside the cloth. Push loose cotton batting inside the cloth circle to cover both sides of the wire. Use enough batting to make the ear section soft and puffy. Complete both ear sections with the wire and the batting.

Push one inch of the headband portion into the hole of the ear section. Use a hot glue gun to secure the headband and close any gaps left in the ear section. Repeat this procedure for the second ear.

Allow the glue to dry and place the earmuffs on your head. Bend the wire until the muffs fit comfortably.