How to Make Crispy Rice Crumbs

Hands holding crispy rice

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Want to give your chicken cutlets, salmon or pork chops more crunch? Bread crumbs work just fine and have for many years, but if your taste buds are looking for something different, something familiar but a little better than the usual, try frying your food after coating it with crispy rice cereal. This coating works especially well as a replacement for panko, the crunchy outer layer of Japanese tempura.

Pour enough crispy rice cereal onto a plate to coat however many pieces of food you plan to fry. Try not to add more than you're going to use, as unused portions will have to be thrown away. You can always add more when you've used up what you have.

Gently shake the plate from side to side so that the crispy rice cereal is lying flat on the plate and not in a heap.

Take the casserole dish and set it on top of the crispy rice cereal. Rock the casserole dish while applying pressure to it at the same time so that the cereal breaks down. Do this until all the crispy rice cereal on the plate is mildly crushed. Please note that if you crush the cereal too much, the cereal will have the consistency of powder and your food won't be as crunchy as it should be.