How to Make Booties & Rattles Out of Buttercream Frosting

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A cake with decorative baby objects on top can create a festive dessert when you are celebrating the arrival of a new baby. Whether you need a pink or blue cake, get creative with the buttercream frosting and make booties and a rattle for the top of the cake. Once you learn the technique, making these darling baby items to decorate a shower cake can help you add just the right touch to the celebration.


Place tip 12 onto the pastry bag and screw the coupler over the tip to secure the tip tightly to the bag.

Fill the pastry bag approximately half full with buttercream frosting. Push the frosting down to the tip of the bag with the spatula and squeeze the bag gently.

Hold the pastry bag at a 45-degree angle to the top of the cake and position it about 1/2-inch above the cake.

Squeeze the pastry bag to begin extruding frosting for the toe of a bootie. Keep the pressure even and move the tip along the cake to make the bootie. Make a 3-inch-long line of frosting for the base of the bootie. As you approach the heel of the bootie, reduce your squeeze on the bag slightly.

Pull the tip up to make a 90-degree angle for the heel of the bootie. Continue to squeeze the pastry bag to make the top of the bootie rise above the cake about 2 inches.

Stop squeezing the pastry bag and push slightly to end at the top point of the bootie.

Make an indentation in the top of the bootie with the spoon. Press the spoon gently into the top of the bootie.

Make the second bootie to look identical to the first bootie.

Change the decorator tip to the tip 2 on the pastry bag. Squeeze out a decorative cuff along the top edge of the booties. Make tiny bows on the tops of the booties.


Place tip 1A onto the pastry bag. Add additional buttercream frosting to the bag to fill it half full.

Hold the pastry bag at a 90-degree angle and the tip about 1/2-inch above the cake.

Squeeze out a large circle onto the cake to make the main shape of the rattle. Make the circle about 3 inches in diameter.

Stop squeezing the pastry bag and push the tip into the frosting gently. Lift the tip away from the circle.

Make a smaller circle onto the cake as the handle of the rattle. Position the tip about 3 inches away from the large circle and make another circle, this one with a diameter of 1 inch.

Switch to a different pastry bag with white frosting. Fill the pastry bag half full and use decorator tip 3 on the pastry bag.

Draw a line between the large circle and the small circle to complete the handle of the rattle.

Make zigzag lines on both balls with the tip to decorate the rattle.