How to Make Black Hair Blend in With a Weave

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Making natural black hair blend seamlessly with a weave relies on similar principles as for other colors of hair. You will need to find a weave that has a close a match as possible to the natural look and feel of your own hair. Identifying the closest standard color to your own hair is helpful, so you can buy the right weave color. Darker hues are represented by lower numbers. Most people with black hair will want a weave that is jet black, off black or even darkest brown.

Identify the natural color of your hair by comparing it to a standard color chart. If you are unsure, compare them in different lights and ask a professional hair colorist to help you. Do not be tempted to dye a weave to match your hair, since this can damage it.

Find a weave that matches the color, texture and waviness of your natural hair. For best results, buy a weave that is made from natural hair. Italian-sourced hair is usually good for hair of a medium texture. Try Indian hair if yours is a bit coarser. Straight hair makes for a more effective blend than wavy or curly hair, so consider straightening your hair with heat tools, unless yours is naturally straight. If not, purchase a weave with a similar waviness to your natural hair.

Clip the wefts of your weave underneath your natural hair, close to the scalp, with hair clips. 10 wefts are usually about the right amount to clip in place. Four wefts, placed one above the next, running from the top of the head toward the nape of the neck should be enough for the back. Clip three, one above the next, on either side of your head.

Blend the wefts into your natural hair using a wide-tooth comb. Start from the middle of the hair working toward the end. Then comb again, working from near to the roots to the tips of the weave. Using a wide- tooth comb in this way places less stress on the hair and helps prevent tangling, to get the perfect blend.

Maintain the blended look of your black hair weave by regularly washing, conditioning and moisturizing both your hair and weave. Remember that your weave does not get any of the body's natural oils, so it can become brittle if you do not look after it.