How to Make Bath Salts & Ingredients

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The method for making bath salts at home is very simple—essentially it involves nothing more than measuring and combining a few basic ingredients. The artistry comes in choosing and blending the various ingredients. The bulk of the bath salts is made up of Epsom salts. You can add sea salt and/or baking soda to soften the bathwater and your skin. Add powdered milk for creamy bathwater. The salts can be dry or slightly moistened with baby oil or glycerin, which soften the skin. Essential oils or dried herbs add fragrance. Food coloring is an optional addition for colorful bath salts.

Measure two cups Epsom salts into the mixing bowl. Stir in ¼ cup sea salt, baking soda or powdered milk, or a mixture of any of the three.

Add one tablespoon of glycerin or baby oil if you are using it. If you are using essential oils for fragrance, add several drops at this stage—the more you use, the stronger the fragrance of the bath salts. Stir the mixture thoroughly until it has the texture of slightly damp sand.

Add one to three tablespoons of dried herbs at this stage if you are using them for fragrance. Don’t add both herbs and essential oils, as the fragrance will be too strong—choose one or the other. Stir the dried herbs into the salts until they are evenly blended.

Add a few drops of food coloring to the bath salts if you want them to be colorful. Don’t add more than a few drops or the salts may stain your bathtub. Choose an appropriate color for the fragrance: for example, purple for lavender salts, green for peppermint or yellow for citrus. Stir the bath salts until the color is evenly blended.

Transfer the bath salts to the glass jars. If you are giving the bath salts as a gift, make a pretty label for the jar and tie ribbon, fabric or raffia around the lid.