How to Make Balloon Centerpieces

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You can jazz up a table setting by choosing a less traditional centerpiece such as one made of balloons. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, a dinner or cocktail party, or even a wedding, a balloon centerpiece will be a welcome addition to any theme and color palette.

Floating Centerpiece

Fill several balloons with helium. Place the end of a balloon over the nozzle on the front of the helium tank and press downward. Once the balloon is filled to the desired size, stop pressing on the nozzle, slip the balloon off, and tie a knot in it. Alternatively, some stores keep helium tanks on hand and may fill your balloons for you.

Cut lengths of curling ribbon and tie one end to the knotted end of the balloons. Cut the ribbons to various lengths, within several inches of each other. The length differences will help your centerpiece look more full than if the ribbons were all one length.

Gather the end of the ribbons and tie them to the balloon weight.

Place the balloon weight in a vase or decorative container, if desired.

Balloon Bouquets

Blow up several balloons and tie a knot in the ends.

Cut lengths of curling ribbon. The ribbons should be slightly longer than the container is tall.

Tie one end of the ribbons to the knotted ends of the balloons.

Gather the other end of the ribbons and tie them to the balloon weight.

Place the balloon weight inside the decorative container.

Adjust the positions of the balloons, like you are fluffing flowers, until they have the look desired. The ribbons or balloon weights should not be visible.