How to Make an Easter Egg Hunt Flyer

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Make or design an Easter Egg Hunt flier to advertise or promote the event for your personal or organization's benefit. The fliers can be posted around the community or mailed out to participants to alert them to the event and the time and date of its occurrence. The flier can be made with minimal effort by even the most novice user of word processing programs using templates. More advanced users can design their own flier using page elements available in the program.

Microsoft Office

Open Word, Works or Publisher and click "File" then "New." Type "Easter" in the search box or click "Fliers" then type in the search box to narrow the results. Select the template you want to use and click "Create" under the preview on the right side. Click on the text you want to change and delete the words already there. Type the information for your egg hunt.

Search Office Online to find templates you would like to use. Click the template to be taken to its main page. Click "Download" and "Accept" the service agreement. If a box opens on your computer screen select "Open With" and click "OK." The flier will open on your computer with the corresponding program. Edit the template as described in the last step with the details of your egg hunt.

Start a new document. Click "Insert" then "Word Art," "Picture," "Clip Art," "Text Box" or "Shapes" to add elements to the page. The elements can be moved around the page, rotated, or re-sized using the dots located around the dotted outline.

Type the information about your egg hunt into an added text box and select the font and font size by clicking the drop-down list under the "Home" tab. Other font options include "B" for bold text, "I" for italic text and "U" for underlined text to emphasize your information.


Open Photoshop and start a new project. Open or add a picture.

Adjust or lighten the image if desired using the blur, paintbrush, eraser or other tools from the menu on the right.

Click the "T" icon from the panel on the right to add a text box. Select the font, font style and size you want to use from the menu at the top.

Click on the area of the picture where you want the event information to be located.

Type in the location, time, date and any other pertinent information. The text box can be re-sized or moved by dragging the corners or the middle of the dotted box around the text. Multiple text boxes can be added to place information on the page as needed.