How to Make a Rhinestone Tiara

A tiara is a kind of jewelry traditionally worn on the head. Tiaras may be elaborate and expensive pieces topped off with priceless jewels. A tiara may also be a somewhat less complicated hair ornament with an emphasis on elegance and simplicity. A tiara can be purchased readily made. You can also make one yourself with a few inexpensive items such as beads and rhinestones. A homemade tiara can be just the right touch to express your personality and bring out your best features.

Cut out five equal lengths of craft wire. The wires in question can be any color you choose. A tiara will look best in simple metallic colors such as gold, silver or bronze.

Wrap the wires tightly around a comb, headband or tiara base. The base should match the color of the wire. It should fit snugly on the head where the tiara will be worn. Leave room at the ends.

Slip on or glue six rhinestones approximately 1/2-inch in diameter to each of the wires. Using rhinestones in the same color will look very elegant. Add one or two other colors to coordinate the finished look with a dress or a pair of shoes.

Slip or glue on a rhinestone one inch in diameter to each end of the wires. The largest rhinestones may be the same color as the other stones or a different and complimentary color.

Add hot glue to the back of the rhinestones. The glue will help keep the rhinestones in place. Use small amounts and work carefully. The glue should not be seen in front. Let dry overnight.