How to Make a Personalized Monogram Aisle Runner- DIY

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Making your own monogrammed aisle runner saves you money and adds a personal touch to your wedding ceremony. Personalizing your aisle runner gives you the chance to be creative and use the same monogram on all your DIY wedding projects. Aisle runners are used to prevent the bride's gown from getting dirty as she walks down the aisle and can be purchased inexpensively. Couples can decorate and embellish their monogram on to a plain aisle runner to showcase their personalities.

Create your monogram if you do not currently have one personalized. You can find companies on the Internet that will make a personalized monogram for you in your wedding colors. You can also create your own monogram using software you already have installed on your computer. Look at wedding websites for monogram inspirations.

Enlarge your monogram design on the computer. You can print the monogram on one piece of paper and go to your local copy center to have the sheet blown up to your desired size. Another option is to enlarge the monogram to the desired size on your computer so that it will print on multiple pieces of paper. Once printed, arrange the sheets on a table so the design lines up and secure the pieces together with tape.

Trim the excess paper from your design with either a craft knife or a pair of scissors. Be careful as you cut around the letters. You do not want to cut the monogram shape completely out.

Unroll your aisle runner on a clean floor. Determine where you would like your monogram to go on the aisle runner and unroll accordingly. Most monograms go at the end of the aisle runner or the middle. Use a ruler or tape measure to help you with the placement so that your design is centered the way you want it. Use the pencil to make guide marks if necessary. If you have enough room you can move the runner onto a table if you prefer.

Place the design underneath the aisle runner in the desired location and use pins to hold it in place. Slowly trace the outline of the monogram design onto the runner with a pencil.

Paint your design onto your aisle runner using the pencil marks and paper design underneath as a guide. Work slowly so you do not smear paint or go outside of the lines. Once you have finished painting, allow the monogram design to dry completely before removing the pins or the piece of paper. Carefully roll the monogram up again.