How to Make a Monster Truck Birthday Cake Using Rice Krispies Treats

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A unique birthday cake does not necessarily have to be a cake at all. Rice Krispies treats can easily be formed and shaped into an unlimited amount of images. The treat can then be iced and decorated as a birthday cake. Creating a monster truck birthday cake using Rice Krispies treats is a great way to celebrate the day.

Make a large and thick rectangular Rice Krispies treat according to the recipe. Use a pan the size that you wish for the overall cake. Press the treat mixture into the pan to shape the mixture. The mixture will harden to take form.

Remove the rectangular Rice Krispies treat from the pan by using a spatula to loosen the sides. Transfer the treat to cardboard piece and correct any shaping as needed.

Cut away and scoop out the inside of the back portion of the treat and use the remaining to build up a section across the block near the front. The box now resembles a truck cab and bed. This will be the body of the monster truck.

Roll four identical balls of Rice Krispies treat mixture to make tires. The tires should be over-sized for the truck to create the image of a monster truck.

Attach the tires to the truck body using toothpicks to stabilize them.

Shape a small amount of treat mixture into a cylinder to stick onto the back of the monster truck to form a muffler.

Add details to the monster truck using an icing gel pen. The doors, windows, head and tail lights, rims and wheels and decals will all make the truck come to life.

Place small match box type cars under the monster truck for an added effect, if desired.