How to Make a Medusa Wig or Headpiece

medusa image by Ergün Özsoy from

Frighteningly realistic costumes are memorable, but they can also be costly. The fearful Greek monster Medusa is a classically creepy costume character. The snake-adorned Medusa wig that makes the look, however, is a pricey item. With a few inexpensive hair extensions and a handful of plastic snakes, you can create your own Medusa headpiece at home.

Braid each of the three hair extensions.

Wrap the braids into a bun shape and pin it together with bobby pins.

Snip the jewelry wire into short pieces, one piece for each toy snake. Vary the lengths between 2 and 7 inches.

Thread a sewing needle with one piece of jewelry wire. Pull the wire through a snake's underside.

Twist the other end of the wire around a bobby pin and pin the snake into the bun. Perform this procedure for each of the toy snakes.

Secure any snakes that are not held in firmly with additional bobby pins.

Place the bun on your head and secure it with the extension combs and bobby pins.