How to Make a Kool-Aid Slush

by Serena Styles ; Updated September 28, 2017

Drink mixes like Kool-Aid have strong flavors that lend themselves well to slushies. Even if you're a novice in the kitchen, you can enjoy a homemade cool treat in just a few minutes. Make a no-frills refreshment or dress it up with garnishes, frozen fruit and nice glasses to make it pleasing enough to serve at a nice lunch or dinner.

Fill a blender halfway with ice and then add enough liquid to just barely make the ice float. Any beverage works as the liquid; use milk for a creamier slush, club soda for a lightly carbonated slush, fruit juice for a naturally sweet slush or water so as to not interfere with the drink mix's flavor.

Add a quarter packet of unsweetened drink mix and some sweetener -- unless you used fruit juice as the liquid, which may already be sweet enough -- and pulse the blender until the drink takes on a slushy consistency.

Taste the slush and then add a bit more sweetener and/or unsweetened drink mix if desired. Pulse the blender to mix in the ingredients, taste it again and repeat this process until you are happy with the flavor. You can also add frozen fruit and more liquid or ice during this step to further customize your slush.

Pour the slush into a glass or several glasses, depending on how many servings you made.

Dress up each glass with a sprig of crushed mint, a couple of fresh berries, a lemon wedge or another garnish of your choice. This step is optional.

Serve the slush immediately.


  • You can also make a slush by blending prepared Kool-Aid with ice until it reaches a slush-like consistency.


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