How to Make a Heart Fold in a Napkin


0:00 Hi I'm Rachel Dayan for Expert Village now we're going to use a paper napkin to make

0:06 heart shape we're going to start with the bottom folding up towards the top, now we're

0:14 going to fold it up again the bottom towards the tops. Again then we're going to take half

0:26 and fold it up in an angle towards the top and now we're going to fold the other side

0:35 the same way we did the first side. And we're going to turn the napkin the other side we're

0:45 going to take the top of each side and fold it a little bit towards the ends to create

0:52 small triangles. On each rectangles we're going to make both sides we're going to fold

1:00 them in and now we're going to flip it to the other

1:14 side and put it on a plate.