How to Make a Gift Tag Online

Have you ever needed a gift tag at the last minute or wished manufacturers created gift tags for every holiday, not just Christmas? Search the many free websites, such as the one mentioned below, to find free printable gift tags online for every imaginable occasion. Download, save and personalize the gift tags to suit your needs. Save tags for every occasion to a file on your computer and never have to purchase gift tags again.

Go to the Free Printable Gift Tags website. Choose your free printable gift tag from the 15 most popular on the home page or click a category on the right. Click on the free gift tag you want to print.

Check the box to accept the terms of use. Choose whether to download your chosen gift tag as DOC or PDF file. Click on your choice, DOC or PDF, to download.

Click the button on the next page to start the download if your download does not start within 5 seconds. When a box opens with options to Save or Run, choose Save. Save your gift tag to a place you can find it, such as your desktop.

Locate your gift tag on your computer where you saved it. Click to open a sheet of approximately 10 gift tags. Use your text tool to enter appropriate names in the To and From areas of the gift tag. Alternatively, leave the To and From portions blank, then fill in the names by hand.

Click on "File" and then "Save" to save any changes you made to the gift tag, if desired. If you do not wish to save your changes, click on "File" and then "Print Preview." Check to be sure your gift tags all fit within the printable area, then click "Print." After printing, you will need scissors to cut your gift tags apart and use.