How to Make A Family Reunion Flyer

by Mark Angelo ; Updated September 28, 2017

6 easy steps to making a colorful, informative family reunion flyer for you next reunion event.

First select and download a printable family reunion flyer template. Many full featured flyer templates can be found simply by using the keywords "family reunion flyer" at top search engines such as google, bling or yahoo! After downloading your flyer template import it into your Ms Word compatible document editor.

Reunion Theme - Locate the text boxes on the flyer template. Text boxes allow the user to enter and edit text over the flyers embedded graphic. The theme should be positioned near the top center of the flyer above all other text to be entered. Experiment with various font colors, faces and styles such as bolded, large size text.

Family Reunion Slogan - Now add the family reunion slogan. This can be centered within a text box under the theme using a smaller sized font.

Family Reunion Date(s) - Now enter the family reunion date(s). Although numerical month, day and year is sufficient it's usually best to spell out the day(s) and month so users will know exactly what day of the week they are to attend.

Family Reunion Activities - List as many planned activities under the date text box as available space allows. List activities according to rank of importance or signifance while including those that will appeal to the majority of attendees.

Contact Information - Add full name(s), email address, home and cell phone numbers, fax and family reunion website address and any special RSVP deadline instructions.


  • Get your initial invitations out months in advance. A followup flyer should go out four to six weeks before the event as a reminder.

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