How to Make a Cool Jean Jacket

The best way to make a cool jean jacket is to personalize it. Whether you airbrush a colorful design on the back or embroider your name on the front pocket like a varsity letterman's jacket, embellishing your jean jacket is the first step to making it cool. You can add trendy fashion touches to your denim--that mirror designs straight off the runway--with a few inexpensive craft supplies and a vibrant imagination.

Bedazzle your denim. Glue rhinestones or Swarovski crystals to the front of your jacket to add sparkle to plain denim. First, create a design plan to determine where you will place the stones. Add one small drop of glue on the back of each stone or crystal and place it onto the jacket. Press the stone firmly for 10 seconds to secure the rhinestones. Let the jean jacket dry for 24 hours before wearing.

Decorate your jacket with fabric paint. If you have a steady hand, you can make your jean jacket cool using fabric paint. Buy an inexpensive stencil at a craft store or download a free printable design to create an image on your jacket. Use a pencil to trace the pattern before adding the paint. Using small thin strokes, paint over the lines you've created until the jacket matches your original design.

Add fabric to your jacket. Visit a thrift or vintage store to find cheap fabric to use for your design. Create a design plan and drape the pieces over your jean jacket to ensure the fabric will complement the denim. Instead of sewing the fabric, use your hot glue gun to attach the silk, cotton, rayon, suede or polyester pieces to the jacket.

Embroider your jean jacket. Buy a colorful design at (see Resources) or any online resource that sells license-free illustrations for your use. Another option is to have a graphic design student create a cool logo for your jean jacket. Take the design to a shop that specializes in embroidering jackets. The embroidery technicians will digitize the design first, or convert your jean jacket design into a format that their embroidery machines can recognize, before they personalize your jacket.