How to Make a Batman Cape for a Kids' Party

store display of fabric image by Joyce Wilkes from

The date is set, the cake has been ordered, the decorations have been purchased and the games have been planned. Now you just have to figure out what else to do for your kid's Batman or superhero party. Make some Batman capes for the kids coming to the party which can serve as a costume as well as a party favor. Either make simple black capes, or if you have enough time, paint Batman logos onto each cape. Soon, your house will be full of Cape Crusaders ready to help the streets of Gotham City.

Making the Cape

Cut out enough pieces of black non-fraying fabric or felt. For each cape you want an individual rectangle that measures 45 inches by 35 inches.

Cut out a scalloped or jagged pattern along one of the 35-inch ends of the rectangle. This will be the bottom of the cape. Don't worry about it being perfect.

Take the opposite side from where the jagged pattern is and tie the two corners together around the child who will be wearing it. You can also purchase hook-and-loop tape squares and attach them to these two corners.

Attach the hook-and-loop squares by peeling them off the backing they come packaged in. Place one square, with the hooks, onto one corner, sticky side down. Place the other square, with the loops, onto the other corner, sticky side down.

Painting a Logo

Trace the Batman logo onto a piece of paper. Cut this logo out from the piece of paper.

Trace your cut-out logo onto a piece of cardboard.

Place the cardboard onto a cutting mat and cut the logo from the inside out with a box cutter or craft knife to create a stencil.

Lay the cape on a flat surface. Place a piece of cardboard under the cape, so the paint won't bleed through.

Take straight pins and attach the cardboard stencil to the back of the cape.

Use a sponge brush and dab over the stencil with yellow fabric paint.

Remove the stencil and let the paint dry completely.

Repeat with the other capes.