How to Lose Arm Hair

Funerals can be difficult to attend for many reasons. Besides dealing with the pain and grief associated with losing a friend or family member, you also may have to sit in a place that isn't as climate-controlled as it should be. Graveside services held in the warmer months can be very uncomfortable as well. Funeral fans have long been used to help funeral goers stay comfortable. If you have a funeral fan with a broken handle, you can easily repair it. You also might want to print your own fans and attach handles yourself, which is a relatively simple task to accomplish.

Apply super glue to one half of the craft stick or tongue depressor on one side of the stick or use a hot glue gun instead.

Center the cardboard fan over the stick and press it onto the stick. The stick should reach about halfway up the fan section.

Lay the fan with its attached handle on a flat surface and cover it with a heavy object, such as a book.

Allow the fan and handle to dry for several hours before using.