How To Look Like Kate Beckinsale

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Kate Beckinsale has been an actress in the limelight since a very young age, however she continues to avoid scandal, negative reputations and a spot on the badly dressed list. It seems that Kate has never had a “bad hair day” or “worst outfit” moment, but luckily her seamless beauty can be achieved in surprisingly simple ways.

Start looking like Kate by always taking care of your skin. Part of what makes Kate so beautiful (with makeup or without) is her flawless complexion, although the actress admits her skin can often be dry or inflamed. Recreate her skincare regimen by washing twice per day with a cleansing scrub (like Clean & Clear brand), and following with a thick, hydrating cream.

Stop being lazy with hair care and put the work into your strands. Kate’s hair always seems to look shiny, healthy and styled. Care for your hair with simple, organic shampoo and conditioners like Kate, treating with weekly hydrating masks, and taking the time to blow dry stands when they’re almost dry. If hair is dirty, take a moment to pull into an attractive ponytail, a bun atop the head or in a loose and chic chignon.

Keep makeup flawless and smoky. Kate keeps her skin natural by applying a light tinted moisturizer daily (instead of a thick foundation), and leaving her mouth casual with a soft lip-gloss (instead of aging dark lipsticks). Try playing up your eyes like Kate with multiple coats of mascara (try both lengthening and volumizing formulas), smoky eyeliner and gently smudged eye shadows.

Understand that healthy habits create healthy beauty. Kate admits to drinking plenty of water to keep her skin hydrated, and enjoys focusing on a healthy diet. She practices portion control whenever eating and continues to enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods in moderate amounts.

Exercise consistently and whole-heartedly. Kate admits to often despising the notion of working out, but she sticks to her 5 day per week regimen with the help of a person trainer and a good deal of will power. Although she is formerly a trained dancer, Kate keeps things fun and interesting with shifting routines which use boxing, martial arts, body weight exercises (like squats and lunges), strength training, running or circuit training.