How to Lace Your Low-Top Converse

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Converse low-tops are of the famous sneaker line that includes the Ox, Jack Purcell and All Star Light and Double-Tongue series. Customized versions of these shoes include your choice of upper, liner, sidewalls and laces. Getting your Converse low-tops laced up properly involves using a technique you've probably been using for years.

Slip the ends of the lace down through the bottom-most pair of eyelets.

Pull both ends of the laces up from the shoe. Even out the tips.

Cross one lace tip over to the adjacent diagonal eyelet.

Cross the other end of the lace over to the opposing diagonal eyelet.

Continue the criss-cross pattern, until both ends of the lace pop though the upper-most eyelets.