How to Keep Your Black & White Jordans Clean

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Nike is a high-quality, expensive shoe so working to extend the life of your shoes is prudent. Wearing a pair of black and white Jordans is not nearly as fashionable if they are dirty. The price of Nike Jordans makes throwing them away difficult to bear--no matter the condition. It is easy to clean any pair of shoes with just a few common household cleaning products. Once clean, there are a some steps you can take to keep your black and white Jordans looking fresh.

How to Clean Black and White Jordans

Wipe down the shoes with a clean rag. Examine the shoes to identify any significant stains, scratches or scrapes.

Check the soles of the black and white Jordans for dirt that requires removal. Scrub any stains or dirt with an old toothbrush. Add a few drops of liquid dish detergent to the sole of the shoe and continue to scrub with a toothbrush. Do not let the soap or dirty liquid drip onto the upper part of the shoe. Wipe the dirt and any liquid from the sole of the shoes with a clean, damp rag.

Remove the shoelaces and expose the tongue of the shoes. Spray the inside of the shoes with a fabric freshener. Allow the shoes to air out while drying.

Clean the white section of the shoe first with a melamine foam sponge. Apply a few drops of water to the sponge and gently scrub the white leather sections. Rinse the sponge as needed. Do not allow the sponge to become saturated; squeeze out the water before applying to the shoe. Dry and polish with a clean,soft rag.

Apply a light,even coat of leather conditioner to the white section of the shoe to seal the leather.

Clean the black patent leather section with a small amount of petroleum jelly on a soft, clean rag. Rub the jelly in a circular motion. Work the jelly into small crevices and seams. Polish the black patent leather with another clean, soft rag while removing any excess petroleum jelly.

Wash shoelaces in laundry soap and water or replace.

How to Keep Black and White Jordans Clean

Dust any dirt off shoes with a soft bristle brush every time the shoes are worn. Wipe down shoe with a clean, soft rag. Check for any stains and clean as needed.

Place silica packets inside the shoes after wearing to help remove any moisture that has accumulated inside the shoes from wearing.

Store shoes away from heat and sunlight when not being worn. Do not expose shoes by placing them in areas with sunlight and dust. This will dry out the leather and may cause discoloration.

Treat leather with leather conditioner and patent leather with petroleum jelly on a regular basis to keep the leather in good condition.