How to Keep Hunter Boots Shiny

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Hunter (short for Hunter Boot Ltd.) is an Edinburgh, Scotland-based brand that specializes in Wellington boots, which are also known as "wellies." The vulcanized rubber boots are known for their sturdiness and glossy exterior, and are commonly worn for riding and to protect the feet from the elements, including hard rain and rugged mountain terrain. Hunter boots can be costly, so it is important to maintain their original luster and shine with regular cleaning practices.

Fill up a bucket with lukewarm water. Then throw in some liquid laundry detergent (approximately one capful.) Mix the detergent and water together thoroughly. The milder the detergent, the better it is for cleaning your wellies.

Immerse a sponge in the solution. A standard silicone sponge should suffice, although the Hunter brand also manufactures its own line of sponges (Hunter Instant Boot Shine) specifically intended to shine the boots. The Hunter sponges can help give the boots a more buffed appearance.

Clean all of the grime and dirt off of your Hunter boots. Move your silicone sponge in a circular manner over the boots. Taking time, remove any dirt and debris that you see, from soil to dried leaves.

Rinse the soap off. Using lukewarm water, rinse your wellies off. Then, pat the boots dry with a cloth. If you have patience, you can also allow the boots to air-dry. To prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors and mildew, place your boots in a spot that is both cool and dry, such as a closet. Keep them away from the kitchen and from sunlight.