How to Keep Breasts Perky after a Pregnancy

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Many women complain about how pregnancy changed their body, including their breasts. Pregnancy, while it has a beautiful result, poses a lot of different challenges to a woman's body, both during pregnancy and after. If you're worried that your breasts will never bounce back after pregnancy, take heart. While they likely won't be exactly the same as they were before your pregnancy -- especially if you just had your first child -- there are some things you can do to keep your breasts perky after a pregnancy.

Wear a supportive bra to keep your breasts from becoming saggy after you give birth. During pregnancy, swollen breasts are normal because of increased blood volume and milk supply. Wear a supportive bra as often as possible to keep ligaments from getting stretched out and to help your breasts to stay perkier in the long run.

Build up your pecs. Doing chest exercises during and after pregnancy can help your breasts keep their shape. Perform pushups to engage your chest muscles and keep your natural breasts looking great. Do pushups the traditional way, on the floor, or standing against a wall. Perform sets of other chest exercises, such as the bench press (use dumbbells) and the incline dumbbell chest fly. Do these all at home using an exercise ball and dumbbells.

Wear sunscreen on your chest to keep the skin firm and taut looking, preserving the overall appearance of your breasts. Sun damage can lead to wrinkling of the skin, which can make your breasts appear more saggy.

Use breast enhancement pads, if all else fails, and plastic surgery is not an option. Look for silicone breast enhancer bra inserts, foam pad inserts, or bras with built-in inserts containing foam, gel or water to give saggy breasts a quick lift.