How to Host a Gatsby Party

During the Gatsby period everyone loved to give parties, probably because of Prohibition. Here is how you can host a glamorous party from the 1920's.

Bring out your fine china, linen tablecloths and cloth napkins. You finally will be able to use them again. If you don't have any, ask your Great Aunt or Grandmother. Use all the sterling silver that you may have. Once again if you don't have it ask your relatives if you can borrow it.

Go to a thrift store and pick up a simple dress and add long strings of pearls. Add a hat or simple headband around your head with a pearl pin or pretty feathers or a crocheted cap. You could probably find something also at a costume shop, but it's much more fun to put something together at a thrift store. For men, a black suit with a white shirt and white or black tie. Add a black or white fedora hat or driving cap to complete the outfit. Also, a handkerchief or rose in the lapel. Google Gatsby on the internet if you need anymore costume ideas.

Play music from the 20's like George Gershwin or Al Jolson in the background for your guests and serve martinis as they arrive.

Your menu should be basic food, like sirloin steak or fish with mashed potatoes and asparagus for a vegetable.

Finish off the meal with an old fashioned chocolate cake or apple pie.

After dinner play a game of charades and offer your guests hot tea or brandy in tea cups and saucers as a night cap.