How to Hire Chippendale Dancers

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Hire Chippendale Dancers. Chippendales give many women the opportunity of indulging a fantasy or just feeling all over a hot guy. Bachelorette parties and girls' night out dates are the two groups that enjoy Chippendales entertainment the most. Seeing Chippendales entertainment is as easy as buying tickets to one of their scheduled shows. But if you're looking for more quality time with the guys, hiring them for a private party is the way to go.

Visit the Chippendales website for a sneak peek of the guys by clicking on "The Men." Write down names of Chippendales you like and see if they're available for a private party.

Contact Chippendales Entertainment through the website and inquire about hiring them for a private party. You can also fill out a request form for Chippendales entertainment if you own a nightclub and want a performance for patrons.

Arrange a private party through a nightclub that regularly hosts Chippendale shows. The Roxy Nightclub in Boston is one club that sets up private parties.

Hire former Chippendales for a bachelorette party by contacting stripper agencies. Many agencies employ former Chippendales and Playgirl models as dancers.


  • Prepare to pay a lot when you hire Chippendales for a private party. Chippendales are in high demand and have busy tour schedules.

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