How to Hide Gaps in Your Hair

Unevenly thinning hair can cause a great deal of frustration for both men and women. Hiding gaps in thinning hair without drawing undue attention to the area is a relatively simple process. Be consistent in the method that you use to conceal bald spots to make it appear more natural. If the hair gaps are relatively minor, it will be easier to conceal them with simple methods, and it may not be necessary to resort to wigs, toupees or surgery.

Mind the Gaps

Use a hair fiber protein concealer such as Toppik or XFusion to cover up hair gaps. Acquire one that matches your hair color to avoid embarrassment. Apply the hair fibers every day to hair gaps and style it just as if it were natural hair.

Apply hair volumizer to improve the scalp coverage of fine hair. Volumizers are available as a dry treatment, shampoo, mousse or conditioner. They effectively camouflages hair gaps, but must be applied consistently over time to get the best results.

Apply hair highlights to draw attention away from thinning areas. This is particularly effective for women with long hair, but fashion-forward men can also attempt to employ it. Use a color that contrasts with your natural hair color. For example, blond highlights on brown hair can draw eyes away from hair gaps.

Wear a wig or toupee if the hair gaps are too pervasive or too irregular to use other methods. Wigs can come in synthetic and natural variations, and if worn properly in an appropriate style, can be almost indistinguishable from real hair. Consult carefully with a wig salesman to ensure the best fit.

Cut your hair short or get another hair style better suited to thinning hair. Shorter hairstyles provide fewer opportunities for hair to split and for bald spots to emerge. This strategy works for both men and women