How to Help Your Eyebrows Grow In Quickly

Many people have problems growing back in their eyebrows after an accident, or constant plucking. There are actually ways to help your eyebrows grow back more quickly. Below are some of the more effective ways to help your eyebrows grow in more quickly. Products mentioned can be found under Resources.

Start taking a multivitamin. Sometimes your hair growth will slow down due to a lack of proper nutrients, if you're having problems with general hair growth, you should start taking a multi vitamin made for hair, often times these multi vitamins help with nail health as well.

Try an eyebrow growth stimulator made specifically to help eyebrows grow in. Some companies offer special serums that promise to help brow regrowth, some even gauranteeing that brows will grow back or fill in thicker.

Be cautious when tweezing or waxing the eyebrows. Tweezing and waxing can slow the growth of your brows, so if done wrong you can end up slowing the growth in areas you want the hair.