How to Grow Hair on Scar Tissue

Hair follicles cannot regrow on scar tissue because the roots have been permanently destroyed. One option to grow hair over scar tissue is to get hair implants. If the scar is on your scalp, you can have a hair transplant specialist fill in the scar with new hair follicles that hopefully start regrowing normally. Scars on other parts of your body can be filled in the same way. The scar will still be present, but it will be undetectable underneath the newly transplanted hair. Once the hair has taken root, it can be cut and styled like the rest of your hair.

Visit a medical professional who is a hair restoration specialist. Find a doctor who is a member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Anyone who has this certification has much education and experience on the topic of hair transplantation. Decide on the best approach for transplanting your hair follicles.

Go to your hair transplant surgery appointment. The doctor will first inject some numbing solution around your scar tissue to minimize any discomfort.

Allow the doctor to perform hair transplant surgery. He will remove small patches of live hair by the root from around the scar tissue and implant several follicles of hair into the scar tissue, thereby covering it up.

After about 2 weeks of healing time, you should be able to brush your hair normally if it is on your scalp. Do not pick at the scabs because you might pull out some of the newly implanted hair.

Treat your transplanted hair like any other hair. Once the roots heal and start growing hair, the scar should be well covered by hair.