How Does Hair Club for Men Work?

Hair Club for Men Consultation

Once a man contacts the hair club, he's scheduled for a consultation where his lifestyle, needs and budget are considered. By the time he leaves, he's got a hair loss treatment plan that's been customized for his needs and may include follicle transplant, non-surgical bio-matrix or extreme hair therapy.

Hair Club for Men Non-Surgical Biomatrix

This technique involves a consultation where your hair is color matched and the directional patterns on your scalp are duplicated into a very high-quality toupee that is professionally fitted to your scalp with medical grade adhesives. Your natural hair is cut in with the piece, so that they blend seamlessly. It requires regular visits to maintain the look, but not much more than your normal monthly haircuts.

Follicular Transplant Procedure

The Hair Club For Men and other hair restoration services agree that a follicular transplant is the best long-term solution for thinning and balding hair. A section of scalp is removed from the back of the head, and complete strands are plucked out, follicle and all, and then re-planted into the front of the scalp. These hairs grow like normal and because they're transplanted one by one, they don't look like plugs.