How to Go Bald Like Vin Diesel

How to Go Bald Like Vin Diesel. Thanks to the style choices of several high-profile stars in recent years, men no longer have to feel the same stigma that once surrounded hair loss. Celebrities like Vin Diesel have let other men know that hair plugs, comb-overs and toupees aren't the only options--you can rock a bald look that's sexy, confident and may even become your signature style.

Shave your head in the early stages of hair loss. In an interview with "Elle" magazine, Vin Diesel revealed, "Let's put it this way, we're all going to lose [our hair] eventually, so you're better off making a stylistic choice early. Then nobody will be able to fault you for it later when it's your style and you're really losing it."

Go for the bouncer look. Considering he worked as a club bouncer before he hit the big time, it's not surprising that Vin Diesel rocks the look well. His buff body and tight muscle shirts go well with his bald head to create the iconic bouncer look.

Opt for minimalism when it comes to clothes. With the exception of a leather kilt and knee-high boots ensemble that he once wore to a music awards show, Vin Diesel's style is kept fairly simple. He wears little to any jewelry, monochromatic clothing and rarely hides his bald head under a hat.

Make your lack of hair a mystery. Because he's kept his head shaved for so long, the hair that Vin Diesel was born with mostly remains a mystery. He hasn't confirmed its color or texture and fans are hard-pressed to find photos of the star in his younger years with hair.