How to Glue a Toupee

An adhesive is used to hold a toupee in place. Adhesives come in liquid form or tape form, and both types work well. Which one to use is a matter of preference. A toupee that is correctly applied will look natural and stay on throughout the day without any problems if you use this method.

Clean your scalp with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to remove natural body oils. Use witch hazel if you have dry or sensitive skin. Cleaning your scalp removes excess body oils that can prevent the toupee from sticking well to the skin.

Apply liquid toupee adhesive or toupee tape around the edges of the inside of the toupee (see Resources below). To apply liquid toupee adhesive, use an applicator brush to apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the edges of the toupee. Place a towel down under the toupee to prevent the adhesive from getting on counters. To apply toupee tape, press the tape down around the edges of the toupee and smooth the tape down. Make sure that the tape does not stick out past the edges of the toupee. Once the tape is securely in place, remove the protective backing from the tape.

Hold the toupee over your head to find the place where the toupee should sit.

Press the toupee down on your scalp so that it will stay in place.

Style the toupee as desired.