How to Give a Buzz Cut

Giving a buzz cut requires little preparation and should only take a few minutes.

Step1: If hair is longer than an inch, trim it with scissors first to where it is a fingers width from the scalp. This will make it easier when you use the clippers.

Step2: Once you have trimmed the hair shorter, you can start using the clippers. Make sure you have the correct attachment/blade guard on the clippers. You will see numbers on the attachments and the higher the number the further from the scalp the blade will be. Start at the hairline on the front of the scalp and slowly move the clippers to the middle of the scalp. Do this until all hair on top has been cut. Once that is complete you can use the clippers around the sides of the head. Move the clippers from side to side or top to bottom.

Step3: Once you have completed cutting the hair with the clippers, cut them off and remove the attachment/blade guard. Use the clippers now to trim the edge up and around the ears. Be very careful around the ears so that you don't cut them. You can dust the neck off and then vacuum up the excess hair. If neck is red you can put baby powder or talcum powder around the area to help with irritation.