How to Get the Yellow Out of a Veil

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Some brides dream of wearing an antique dress and veil on their wedding day. If the dress and veil belonged to mother or grandmother, it is a special way to include her in a very important and romantic day. Getting married in an antique ensemble can be tricky if the dress or veil requires some cleaning to be made white again. Some veils include materials such as satin that are better off under the care of an expert, but others can be safely whitened at home.

Lay the veil out flat on top of one of the white towels. If necessary, fold the veil to fit on the towel. Cover with a second towel. The towels prevent the veil from tearing and keep it submerged in the water while bleaching.

In the bathtub, mix warm water with the all-color powdered bleach according to the manufacturer's directions. To help the bleach dissolve fully, mix it with a small amount of hot water before adding the rest of the warm water.

Take the veil, now sandwiched between two towels, and submerge it totally in the warm water and bleach mixture in the tub. Soak for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, check the veil for whiteness. If it is not whitened as much as desired, continue to soak, checking every 20 to 30 minutes, for up to two hours.

Keeping the veil between the towels, rinse the veil and towels thoroughly under cold water.

Carefully wring the veil while still holding it between the towels.

Remove the veil from the towels and lay it out on another dry white towel. Use the fourth towel to press excess moisture from the veil. Allow the veil to air dry and then hang on a plastic hanger.