How to Get Scuffs Off Patent Leather

Women's patent leather boots with a heel image by Supertrooper from

Patent leather, often used to create shoes, belts and handbags, has a smooth, high gloss finish that protects it from absorbing water or stains commonly found on other types of leather. However, patent leather sometimes displays scuff marks that make the item look dull and dirty. You can cheaply and easily remove scuff marks from patent leather yourself.

Rub the scuff mark briskly with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. In many cases, the scuff mark will come right off the patent leather just by rubbing it. Good Housekeeping also suggests rubbing the scuff mark with a piece of terry cloth, or a pencil eraser to remove it.

Dampen a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, if rubbing with a cloth did not remove the scuff mark.

Rub the mark gently with the cotton ball until it disappears. Wipe the leather dry with a soft cloth.