How to Get Rid of Whiteheads Under the Skin


0:05 hi I'm Sara Dakar the beauty director

0:08 from Sonya Dakar skincare and ultra luxe

0:11 and today we're going to talk about how

0:13 to get rid of whiteheads under the skin

0:15 the first rule of thumb is to resist the

0:18 urge to pick squeeze or pop instead

0:21 start by steaming your skin this will

0:24 open up the pores and soften your skin

0:25 if you don't have a steamer at home

0:27 that's okay you can easily use your

0:29 bathroom shower or your bathroom sink

0:31 next you'll want to exfoliate and remove

0:34 all the dead and dull skin from your

0:36 face by applying a pumpkin based face

0:39 mask the natural enzymes will gently

0:42 dissolve damaged skin cells so you can

0:45 slough away potentially poor clotting

0:47 debris and allow whiteheads trapped

0:49 under the skin to come to its surface

0:51 once you have removed the congesting

0:54 residue from your skin you can apply a

0:56 pore clarifying mask consisting of

0:58 detoxifying ingredients like dead sea

1:01 mud and lavender to draw out whiteheads

1:04 and other impurities after just 10

1:06 minutes rinse with cool water and pat

1:09 your skin dry you can finish up with a

1:13 silica based treatment to reduce the

1:16 appearance of pores reduce shine and

1:18 give you a flawless finish I'm Sara

1:21 tokars and this has been how to get rid

1:23 of whiteheads under the skin see you

1:25 next time

1:30 you