How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips in the Crease of Your Mouth

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When your lips get chapped at the crease of your mouth, vanity isn't the only reason to apply a moisturizer to them. If the skin over the crease keeps stretching and becomes an open cut, you're more prone to getting an infection or picking up other ailments, like a cold or a virus. When chapped lips get to the stage that they're bleeding or splitting, they are even harder to heal. And because the muscles in your jaw pull at your mouth every time you speak, this part of your mouth is constantly flexing, which makes the condition more painful.

Rub balm on the crease as soon as you feel it becoming dry and apply it to the area--along with the rest of your lips--frequently throughout the day. The more moisture your mouth receives, the quicker it will heal. Reapply balm to the crease every hour or so. Generously coat the spot and your lips with it before going to bed.

Move your mouth as little as possible until the dryness is alleviated. It might not be feasible to stop talking while you're at work, but try texting or emailing as alternatives to verbal communication whenever you can. If singing or talking on the phone are favorite pastimes, minimize these activities.

Drink six to eight glasses healthy liquids per day, such as water, or tea or fruit juice that hasn't had any sugar added to it. By staying hydrated, you'll help your lips heal from the inside as well as the outside. Use a straw so you can keep your mouth fairly closed while you drink, instead of having to pull your lips wide to swallow.

Avoid using a lip balm that contains artificial ingredients if your chapped skin has turned into a cut. Many name-brand balms sold in drug stores contain chemicals that can make the ailment worse by causing an infection. For instance, some balms contain an ingredient called oxybenzone that can be toxic, according to research compiled by the Environmental Working Group. Beeswax, petroleum jelly and shea butter are natural products that will moisturize your lips.