How to Get Rid of Bikini Razor Bumps

Bikini razor bumps...yuck! Nothing ruins a bikini line faster than those disgusting little bumps! Stubble is almost better! (almost) To avoid such an unsightly, foul mess, follow these steps.

To ward away bikini razor bumps, thoroughly exfoliate the entire bikini line. Use a natural loofah or soft brush to gently scrub away the collection of dead skin cells and bring any hidden hairs out to the surface. This process needs to be done every time you shave. Take your time with it, scrubbing in small circles.

Generously apply Skintimate Cream Shave to the bikini area. You really could use any of a number of shaving creams or gels, but this one is particularly effective, and works very well at softening the skin. It really guarantees a close, smooth shave.

When it comes time to shave the biknini area, move the razor in all directions, but take care to pull the skin as taut as you can as you shave. Hair growing on the bikini line grows in several directions, so attempting to shave the same direction as hair growth is not always possible. Shave carefully to avoid cuts. That's another way to ruin the bikini line.

Quickly apply salicylic acid gel to the bikini area once it is shaved. There are many brands of this gel. One is called Bikini Zone, and it's made exactly for this use. Clean & Clear Advantage also makes a similar gel, in addition to Neutrogena. This product is often used for acne, but it works for this situation as well.

Finally, after the salicylic gel completely dries, apply clear deodorant to the bikini line. This last little step is very odd, but it seems to really do the trick, and ward away those nasty bikini razor bumps for good! Once you do these steps, you are on your way to a sexy, razor bump free bikini area.