How to Get Married in the United Methodist Church

How to Get Married in the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church views the marriage ceremony primarily as an act of Christian worship. United Methodist marriage is a celebration of the couples' unity and the ceremony often consists of a blend of traditional church elements such as scripture and prayer, and personal touches such as original vows.

Contact the Methodist Church where you want to get married and make an appointment with a minister. Most United Methodist Churches do not require couples seeking marriage to belong to their congregation or to the United Methodist denomination, although at least one member of the couple must be a baptized Christian.

Explain why you want to get married in the United Methodist Church, especially if neither of you belongs to the denomination. The minister will want to know that you understand the meaning and significance of Christian marriage.

Talk with the minister about marriage preparation requirements. You will most likely receive a book called "Married Life" and will be asked to attend private counseling sessions with the minister who will perform your marriage.

Inform your minister of any previous marriages. Although the United Methodist Church has no official objection to marrying legally divorced people, individual ministers may choose not to perform marriage ceremonies for divorced persons. If your minister cannot preside over your marriage, he will find a minister who can.

Ask the minister to explain the ceremony and which elements you can modify or customize. You may choose to write your own vows or to incorporate a blend of classical and religious music. Marriage ceremony guidelines vary among United Methodist congregations, so it is crucial to discuss these issues early in the planning process.

Determine whether you want your wedding to take place in a church or outdoors. Many United Methodist Churches can accommodate an outdoor ceremony. If you have a particular natural setting in mind, your minister will likely agree to perform your ceremony at your desired site.