How to Get Married in a Church

How to Get Married in a Church. The most important day in someone's life is their wedding (for many people). This is a day to go all out. If you've thought about your wedding most of your life, you have most likely thought of where it would occur. People who hold high regard for religion most often have a desire to be married in church. The church they currently attend is usually the first choice. It is not difficult to be married in church as you will see below.

Decide which church you want to use to be married. If you are currently attending church services, that church is the first choice that pops into your mind. Ask the minister, pastor, priest or one of the church officers if you can reserve the time of your wedding to be held in the auditorium.

Select another church that you like if you are not a member of a church near your location. Upon finding this church, go in person to speak to the minister or other representative. Ask for permission to marry in the church on the date of your wedding. Be sure there is no doubt that you have it reserved before leaving this meeting.

Bear in mind that some religions will not allow non-members to marry in their church. It is best to check with Lutheran, Catholic and Anglican religions and the specific church if you are not a member but want to get married there. If you find one church who agrees and others who do not, you might want to talk with a religious leader in your faith to see if your marriage is binding in the eyes of the church.

Hold your marriage ceremony in a church. This shows all who attend that you want to base your entire marriage on the closeness you have with each other and God. You are beginning a new life and, since you are wondering about getting married in a church, you want to do it right.

Take into consideration you will have to follow rules and wishes of the church you are getting married in. If you are a member, then you already know them. If you are not, please ask. One example is what type of music do you want to use? Some churches do not allow musical instruments and only want singing voices to be heard. Others allow taped music or musical instruments.

Stay true to yourself. For most people, the location of the wedding is not the issue. You are marrying your true love, then this should be the happiest day of your life.