How to Freeze Fresh Lemon Juice

Rothphoto_Online/iStock/Getty Images

Bottled lemon juice is convenient, but it doesn't generally taste anything like fresh lemon. Keeping fresh lemons is not always feasible, and buying the fruit out of season can get expensive. Having lemon juice on hand for your recipes ends needless trips to the store. By freezing fresh lemon juice, you will save time in the kitchen and your dishes will taste better.

Place a funnel into the top of a wide-mouth jar and pour the juice into the jar through the funnel.

Pour the lemon juice from the jar into ice cube trays.

Place the ice cube trays into the freezer and leave them they're until they're frozen.

Remove the trays and separate the lemon cubes.

Place the cubes inside a clear freezer bag and mark the date on the bag.