How to Freeze Egg Whites


Eggs are a cook's miracle. The yolk is luscious and lends beautiful texture and thickening to all manner of classic dishes, from mayonnaise to crème brûlée. And then there are those egg whites. Gelatinous, full of protein, they are equally versatile as an ingredient. You have some whites left over from a recipe? Save them for another day's soufflé or meringue.

Decide whether you want to freeze separate whites or quantities of egg white.

Use ice cube trays to freeze individual egg whites, one per cube. Once they're frozen, put them into a labeled freezer bag.

Beat your egg whites. It's probably best to freeze them in quantities of 1/2 cup or one cup. Beating them makes them easier to measure.

Freeze them in freezer containers or plastic freezer bags. Make sure you label them with date and quantity.

Thaw in refrigerator to use.