How to Freeze Apples With Lemon Juice

Apples are a healthy fruit that provide many important nutrients. They can be eaten alone or used in several different recipes for meals and desserts. Apples are typically a summer fruit but by properly freezing them, they can be readily available all year long. Freezing is an effective and healthy way to preserve apples for future use in dishes such as apple pies and apple turnovers. Lemon juice on the apples will prevent browning and darkening so when you are ready to use your apples, they will still look appealing.

Wash apples thoroughly to remove any dirt or pesticides.

Peel apples, making sure to point peeler away from the body to avoid injury.

Core apples. Ensure that no seeds are left inside the apple.

Slice apples into the desired size. Examples are small thin slices, quarters, or halves.

Combine lemon juice and cold water, ½ tsp. of lemon juice to 3 tbsp. of cold water, in a bowl.

Dip apple slices into lemon mixture. Make sure each slice is thoroughly coated.

Place apples into a freezer bag. Leave at least one inch of room from the apples to the top of the bag.

Seal bag and place in the freezer.