How to Follow Wine and Cheese Party Etiquette

How to Follow Wine and Cheese Party Etiquette. Etiquette may seem outdated, but there are some basic rules that most people still follow. As a guest, it makes sense to learn them to avoid behaving in an offensive or rude manner. As a host, following etiquette rules can ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

Follow Wine Party Etiquette as a Host

Have water available for drinking and for rinsing out wine glasses. Also, provide a bucket or container for rinse water or leftover wine.

Serve crackers and bread for palate cleansing.

Allow wine to breathe before serving your guests. You may need to decant younger wines, as they haven't had sufficient time to break down and open up.

Provide details about the wines you serve. Your guests may want to purchase bottles for their own collections or recommend them to other friends.

Give your guests enough time to study and dissect wines. Don't rush them through several different bottles.

Make sure your wine glasses are clean and free of unsightly spots.

Follow Wine Party Etiquette as a Guest

Avoid gulping wine. Wine is meant to be savored and appreciated with every sip. Part of wine tasting is noting flavors and aromas.

Shrug off the urge to pretend to like a wine. It's acceptable to be honest about your preferences.

Follow Cheese Party Etiquette as a Host

Cut the cheeses into small pieces. Allow your guests to taste-test each cheese without taking a large portion.

Provide a knife for each cheese you serve. Be sure to place uncut cheese on a suitable surface, like a cutting board or cheese board.

Use toothpicks to serve the cheese.

Follow Cheese Party Etiquette as a Guest

Refrain from filling your plate with cheeses before you determine whether you like them all. It's poor etiquette to return cheeses you don't like to a platter.

Use the provided utensils to choose cheese from platters. It's bad manners to use your fingers.