How to Fluff Down Jackets in the Dryer

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Puffy coats and jackets have been a staple of skiwear since the lightweight fluffy down fill was invented. But in the 1980s down jackets moved to regular winter weather wear and many people walked the streets looking like colorful marshmallows. Since then, the down has been refined and jackets are more stylish and even a little body conscious. But they need to keep their fluff and using the dryer is key.

Wash the puffy coat in your washer, if you decide to wash and dry the garment.

Remove the jacket from the washer and make sure that as much excess water as possible is removed. Try using the spin cycle in the washer a second time before drying.

Place the jacket in the dryer and dry for about five minutes.

Remove the jacket and put it onto a clean dry surface. Let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Put the jacket back into the dryer for 10 minutes.

Remove and fluff the jacket to get the maximum puffiness. Then lay it to dry.

Return to dryer for five minutes.

Repeat until dry and fluffy.