How to Get Out Hanger Humps From a Sweater

by Kimbry Parker ; Updated July 18, 2017

Plastic and wire hangers may leave shoulder humps on your sweaters.

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When a sweater is hung on a hanger, humps can form in the shoulders of the shirt where it sits on the curve of the hanger. This makes for a less than neat look when wearing the sweater. You don’t have to shove the sweater back in your closet or throw it in the hamper because of the humps. Try some quick tricks to get the humps out so they’re no longer noticeable.

Fill a clean spray bottle with water. Lightly spritz the exterior shoulder area of the sweater with water.

Put the sweater on your body. Wear it around the house for 30 minutes or more. Your body heat and the dampness of the sweater will react and cause the humps to even out.

Spritz the fabric again with water if the humps are still there. Set a blow-dryer to the high heat setting and apply the hot hair directly onto the fabric where the humps are noticeable. Use your hand as you’re blow-drying to help smooth down the humps.


  • Hang your sweaters on padded hangers rather than plastic or wire hangers to avoid shoulder humps. You can make your own padded hanger by pinning old shoulder pads around a wire or plastic hanger. Padded hangers will not leave hump marks on your sweaters.

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