How to Fix a Broken Heal on Stilettos

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The popularity of stiletto heels has made the demand for broken heel fixes increase as well. Stilettos are higher and slimmer than other heeled shoe, making a broken heel an inevitable occurrence. In addition to the inconvenience, broken stilettos are also a broken investment, as the shoes can easily cost into the triple digits to replace. Fortunately, there is a fix for people who want to save the injured shoe, be it a broken stiletto heel stem or heel tip.

Snapped Stiletto Stem

Recover the broken piece from the street or sidewalk before further damage can be done. Clean off both pieces to remove debris or dirt that will get in the way of bonding the two heel pieces together. Inspect the broken piece to ensure the no other pieces are missing. Stilettos stems usually break away from the base of the shoe or snap in two in the middle of the stem.

Place shoe glue or adhesive onto the portion of the broken heel that is still attached to the shoe. Press the other broken heel piece onto the glued portion. Try to place the two pieces together to fit as snugly as possible.

Apply pressure to the heel until the adhesive or glue dries. Push down on the heel using your hands and the floor or another sturdy, flat surface like a desk.

Keep the pressure on for the time limit specified on the adhesive bottle. Do not release the pressure to check for dryness until the time limit has lapsed. This helps prevent another break due to an incomplete bond. Color the area with a permanent marker to blend in with your shoe's color.

Wear the shoe only after the glue dries. Take care in walking during the first few hours. Walk in the shoe by placing your weight onto the toe of the shoe and not the heel. This will prevent imbalanced pressure on the incompletely bonded heel.

Broken Stiletto Tip

Pull off the remains of the metal, plastic, rubber or cork heel tip. Use the needle nose pliers if needed to remove the most stubborn pieces. Removing the tip remains does reveal a nail that sticks out of the heel. The nail is a part of the heel and not the cause of your trouble.

Grab the needle nose pliers and pull the nail out of the heel of the stiletto. Apply as much force against the nail as needed to remove it. Twist the nail as needed to loosen it for removal.

Clean the dirt and debris from the heel and the hole that the nail once occupied. Place heel glue on the tip of the stiletto heel. Shove the replacement heel tip piece into the hole left by the nail. Tap the shoe on the floor or with a hammer to make the tip fit snugly into the heel.

Allow the heel to dry as directed by the glue's label. Apply pressure to ensure a tight bond. Press the heel against the floor or your desk. Color the finished heel and tip with a permanent maker to match the rest of the shoe.