How to Tell Real Shoes Like Airforce Ones From Fake

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Air Force Ones are among some of the most well known shoes that Nike has ever produced, but unfortunately, these shoes are often times replicated and sold to customers who can't tell the subtle differences between the real shoe and an imitation. However, with a few simple tips you will have no problem differentiating between an authentic pair of Air Force One's and a fake pair not worth your purchase.

Check for differences on the shoe that catch your eye, such as an incorrectly shaped Nike "swoosh" logo, which will look too thick or uneven,

Check to see if the "E" in Nike and "A" in air are touching, as they should in authentic Nike Air Force Ones.

Check for loose stitching or glue around the seams, as these are indications that the shoe is a fake.

Observe the durability of the shoe by touching and squeezing it in your hands, as fake shoes will give an indication that they are made from cheaper materials when given a thorough inspection.

If the retailer says the shoe is a variant, that means it is a fake.

Nike Air Force Ones cost between $70 and $100, so if the shoe is much cheaper, it is likely a fake.