How to Eat a Sea Urchin

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Sea urchins are small animals that look like round balls with spikes coming out of them. Sea urchins mostly eat algae. Humans like to serve sea urchins as a delicacy. Cutting open your sea urchin is a bit of a challenge, but well worth it when you taste the sweet roe that is found inside.

Cut the top of the sea urchin open with a pair of scissors. Do this carefully as you don't want to cut into the roe inside of the sea urchin. Just work your way around the top of the sea urchin as if you were carving a pumpkin. You will then be able to take the top off.

Tip the sea urchin slightly to the left or right so that some of the liquid can drain out. This way you are just left with the roe. The liquid is bile and you don't really want to drink that.

Scoop the roe out with a spoon. There should be six roes, and they will be pink in color.

Eat the roes off of the spoon, or spread them over a baguette.