How to Dye White Hair Roots

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Your white or gray hair may only be visible at the roots, but you still feel its appearance mars your attractiveness. Hair turns gray when the melanin contained in the hair follicles stops producing pigment. Rather than dying all of your hair, you can apply natural henna dye just at the roots. Henna is derived from the leaves of the flowering plant, Lawsonia Inermis, and has been used as a dye since the Bronze Age. Henna is a non-toxic alternative to commercial hair dyes, since it doesn't contain harsh chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia, yet will still adequately cover your white or gray roots.

Purchase powdered henna at a health food shop or beauty supply store in the color that you wish to dye your white or gray roots.

Shampoo your hair and allow it to dry thoroughly without applying any styling products.

Mix the powdered henna with strong brewed coffee instead of hot water in a bowl until it becomes a paste. The coffee will help to eliminate any red tones that can appear with henna dye. Beat an egg in another bowl, add to the henna and mix well. Add more coffee or a little hot water until the henna develops a smooth, pudding-like texture.

Put on a pair of plastic gloves and wrap a towel around your shoulders. Part your hair with a wide-toothed comb and apply the henna to your hair roots using a hair-coloring brush. Keep parting your hair every 1/2 inch and applying the henna to all your roots along the hairline and temples, making sure not to miss any roots underneath the bottom layers of your hair.

Cover your hair with a shower cap, and leave the henna in your hair for 6 hours. Remove the shower cap once or twice during the 6 hours to spritz your hair with hot water, then put the cap back on.

Shampoo the henna out of your hair until the water runs clear and there is no remaining henna on your scalp.